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Anglo-American Relations from World War to Cold War, 1939-91 HY429 Course
Anglo-Spanish Relations in the Age of Elizabeth I and Phillip II HY302 Course
Crises and Détente in the Cold War, 1962 - 1975 HY464 Course
Crisis Decision-Making in War and Peace, 1914-1991 HY400 Course
Cultural Encounters From The Renaissance To The Modern World HY433 Course
East Asia in the Age of Imperialism, 1839-1945 HY461 Course
Empire and Nation: Britain and India since 1750 HY233 Course
Empire, Colonialism and Globalization HY423 Course
HY465 Course
Faith, Power and Revolution: Europe and the Wider World, c.1500-c.1800 HY118 Course
HY458 Course
European Integration in the Twentieth Century HY411 Course
Four Reichs: Austria, Prussia and the Contest for Germany since 1618 HY216 Course
From Cold War Warriors to Peacemakers: The End of the Cold War Era, 1979-1997 HY432 Course
From Empire to Commonwealth: War, Race and Imperialism in British History, 1780 to 1979 HY240 Course
From Empire to Independence: The Extra-European World in the Twentieth Century HY113 Course
Frontiers of Nationalism, Statehood and Independence. The History of Eastern and South Eastern Europe, 1914-1990 HY232 Course
Germany's New Order in Europe, 1939-45 HY304 Course
Hacking the archive HY447 Course
History of Russia, 1682-1825 HY221 Course
History of the United States since 1783 HY208 Course
Ideologies and political Thought in Germany in the Era of Extremes (1914-1990) HY460 Course
International History MPhil/PhD Research Training Workshop HY501 Course
International History since 1890 HY116 Course
International History since 1900 HY475 Course
Islam, State and Rebellion in the Indonesian Archipelago HY441 Course
Islamic Empires, 1400 - 1800 HY243 Course
Latin America and the United States since 1898 HY239 Course
Limited War During the Cold War Era: the United States in Korea (1950-1953) and Vietnam (1954-1975) HY311 Course
Living with the Bomb: An International History of Nuclear Weapons and the Arms Race from the Second World War to the end of the Cold War HY448 Course
Long-term History: The Patterns of the Past and the Shape of Things to Come HY449 Course
Maps, History and Power: The Spaces and Cultures of the Past HY469 Course
Media and politics, 1890-c.1970/80 HY467 Course
Modernity and the State in East Asia: China, Japan and Korea since 1840 HY235 Course
Muslim-Jewish relation HY324 Course
Muslims, Christians and Jews HY234 Course
Napoleon and Europe HY319 Course
Nazi Germany and WW II - causes and course, 1933-1945 HY322 Course
Persecution in Europe: From Witch Hunts to Ethnic Cleansing HY451 Course
Political Islam: From Ibn Taymiyya to Osama Bin Laden HY435 Course
Presidents, Public Opinion, and Foreign Policy, from Roosevelt to Reagan, 1933-89 HY422 Course
Race, Violence and Colonial Rule in Africa HY436 Course
Representing the Past: Historiography and Historical Methods HY241 Course
Retreat from Power: : British foreign and defence policy, 1931-68 HY325 Course
Rule Britannia: Britain and Empire, 1780 to the present day. HY117 Course
Russia in Revolution, 1914-21 HY303 Course
Secret Intelligence in the 20th Century HY442 Course
Sex, Race and Slavery: The Western Experience HY456 Course
Slavery, Capital and Empire in the British World, 1700-1900 HY326 Course
Soviet Union's History HY242 Course
The Arab-Israeli Conflict: Nationalism, Territory, Religion HY203 Course
The Cold War and European Integration, 1947-1992 HY238 Course
The Cold War Endgame HY320 Course
The Cold War in Latin America HY444 Course
The Early Colonial Empires: Europe and the World 1400-1750 HY230 Course
The Emergence of Modern Iran: State, Society and Diplomacy HY440 Course
The European Enlightenment c.1680-1799 HY426 Course
The European Enlightenment, c.1680-1799 HY315 Course
The Great War, 1914-1918 HY226 Course
The International History of the Cold War, 1945-75 HY206 Course
The Napoleonic Empire: The Making of Modern Europe HY424 Course
The Origins of the Cold War 1917-1962 HY463 Course
The Ottoman Empire and its Legacy, 1299-1950 HY459 Course
The Rights of Man: a pre-modern history of rights-based discourse in the West HY200 Course
The Rise and Fall of Communism in Europe 1917-1990 HY434 Course
The Struggle for the Persian Gulf, 1951-2003 HY321 Course
Travel, Pleasure and Politics: the European Grand Tour 1670-1825 HY323 Course
War and Society: from the Renaissance to the Napoleonic era, c.1500-1815 HY114 Course
War Cultures, 1890-1945 HY439 Course
Western Intellectuals and the Challenge of Totalitarianism HY438 Course
Western Intellectuals and the Challenge of Totalitarianism: Thinkers and Themes HY237 Course
What is international about the ‘International’? HY470 Course

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